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Areas of Practice

Investment Planning for Israeli Companies Operating Outside of Israel

Tax considerations play an important role when Israeli firms, who are involved in investments outside of Israel, wish to plan their operational structure. We assist our clients, who belong to various fields such as hi-tech companies, investments funds, entities investing in real-estate and foreign securities, in designing the specific corporate structure and agreements that would best serve the minimization of their tax liabilities, in Israel and abroad. e operate in full coordination and cooperation with the clients' accountants and corporate attorneys.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our firm's attorneys are vastly experienced in advising shareholders and corporations on all aspects of taxation pertaining to merger and acquisition transactions, both from the point of view of the purchasing party as well as from the perspective of the acquired party. Our firm handles the planning of transactions in order to minimize tax liabilities, including by obtaining pre-rulings from the tax authorities. In this context, we are involved in each and every stage of the transaction, as of the preliminary planning stages; deciding on the tax layout; performing the due-diligence process; drafting and negotiating acquisition documents and any related agreements; advising on aspects of management compensations; assisting in filing various reports; overseeing the transaction closing and conducting negotiations with the tax authorities, when this is required, following the conclusion of the transaction.

Operations of Foreign Companies in Israel

Taxation aspects constitute the principal consideration while choosing the most suitable structure through which a foreign company is to conduct its operations in Israel, whether as a branch, subsidiary or through independent subcontractors. The attorneys at our firm provided legal advice to firms from a wide variety of industries, such as finance, hi-tech, infrastructure projects, service providers (such as foreign law firms and accounting firms which operate in Israel) and the like, in all matters pertaining to establishing their operations in Israel. As part of this capacity, our firm reviews the agreements, proposes the principal operational outline and coordinates work with multiple service providers.

Taxation of Options and Equity-Based Awards

We advise some of the largest multinational corporations in the world in all the aspects of share-based compensation plans (stock options, RSUs, ESPP performance units etc.) such corporations offer to their Israeli-resident employees. Our firm has unique expertise in this field. In his capacity as a member of the Global Equity Organization, Adv. Yair Benjamini gave many lectures on Israeli tax laws to the members of the organization, in Europe and in the U.S.

Real-Estate Taxation

The firm specializes in a variety of real estate transactions including: sale transactions, sale of real-estate in consideration for construction services ('combination' transactions), Urban Renewal Transactions (Tama 38 and evacuation-building), purchase groups, sale of building rights, dissolving land associations and the sale of the real estate, options to purchase/sell real estate, approval from the Investment Center, real estate trusts and sale/purchase of luxury residential apartments. The firm regularly advises construction companies, real estate entrepreneurs and individuals, and also represents a large number of entrepreneurs in the urban renewal field.

We advise clients on all tax aspects of real estate transactions including tax structuring, drafting legal opinions, computation of tax liability, applying for preliminary approvals from the Tax Authorities, drafting commercial agreements, preparation of declarations and self-assessments filed to the Tax Authorities, and representation before the Tax Authorities and courts in the assessment and appeal procedures.

Private Clients

The private clients' department at our firm advises private clients and family offices on all the aspects of planning the holdings structure of their private capital, its preservation and optimal tax planning under changing circumstances. The private clients' department at our firm has vast experience in the planning and preservation of assets for the benefit of Israeli and international clients with multiple family assets. We provide consultancy on all the taxation aspects of family trusts and the tax implications on assets distributed outside of the trust.